The cotton
The t-shirts you wear every day should be of such a high quality that you want to wear them every day. That is why we chose Peruvian Tangüis cotton, named after its creator Fermin Tangüis in 1911. After a decade of experimentation and failures, Tangüis developed a cotton seed that is more resistant, softer and more sustainable than other fibers. Finally, a versatile, every day t-shirt made from the softest cotton, grown and harvested using sustainable practices, that doesn't pill, shed or lose its color. 

The process
Quality, longevity and care are top of mind for our factory partners. The spinning and knitting process allows Qüina to achieve a durable, yet incredibly soft cotton t-shirt that feels like silk. Through a meticulous dyeing and washing process, we produce resistant colors that do not fade or wash-out. And lastly, the stitching is done with great care and accuracy, resulting in timeless t-shirts with exquisite finishes.

The design
Qüina t-shirts are contemporary, luxury basics. We rethink classic pieces and give them their own personalities and styles. Our t-shirts have a perfect fit but are still loose, because we love the way that lightweight cotton falls, looking so delicate.
In white, black and melange (grey), Qüina t-shirts are versatile, effortless to wear and easy pair with accessories and other items in your closet. 

A Qüina t-shirt is luxurious not for its price, but for its quality.